Maintenance Tips A Day

Observing a few simple precautions will suffice to keep your vehicle up to date. The following tips will allow you to maintain the excellent condition of the car and get behind the wheel with total confidence.

Placed At Level

Before any long route you plan to do or every 2,000 km at least, check the engine oil and coolant levels. If you must carry out leveling, use products approved by rollingthunderma1. All these products can be provided in our rollingthunderma1 Official Service Center Network. It is normal to have to perform a leveling between two revisions.


Regularly check tire pressure. Check also its wear. When the depth of the grooves is less than 1.6 mm, it is then necessary to proceed with the replacement.

Shock Absorbers

The wear of the shock absorbents is severe for the user to detect, but it has a negative impact on the braking efficiency and adherence to the track. Therefore it is necessary to have it checked regularly by a professional, for his safety and his safety. Driving comfort