Points To Check After Auto Body Repair

It is good to know what the most important aspects are when it comes to the delivery of your car after a repair in the body that is why we quote some tips for verification and highlights.

The damage suffered by the vehicle after a collision, whether of greater or lesser magnitude, must be repaired sooner or later, so it is necessary to visit a pueblo auto body repair shop center, in case of having the vehicle insured, it will be required to follow the indications of the company If this is not the case, we will try to take the unit to the workshop of the user’s preference.

The types of damage to the body of the vehicle can be classified as light, medium, and firm established by the magnitude of the impact, which will help to decide if the piece is repairable or requires replacement, either sheet or plastic.


It Is Essential To Visualize All The Affected Components, Either In Repaired Or Replaced Parts

Square And Light Gaps. It is defined as the tolerance that is observed between removable parts of the body, must present a considerable distance for its proper functioning, without leaving aside the aesthetics of the vehicle, you must find the separation that exists which should not overflow the + – 4mm uniformly in the separation zone.

Part Conformation. The confirmation of the sheet or plastic according to the case will be necessary to pay attention that it does not show undulations which can be captured by the reflections that the light provides on the piece, as well as edges or lousy definition of the beautiful lines can be observed.

Suitable Nonsense. Verify in case of a moving part that has all its fastening screws, or consult the technician for the location of the same for visual inspection, once identified to detect that they are of the same characteristics as the originals.

Replacement Of Parts. If in the repair the unit had elements change, what should verify that the piece is of the same attributes to the original which you can corroborate with the counterpart of the car in good condition or in the same way with another vehicle of equal terms?

Paint Defects. Paint defects are widespread because they are very susceptible to sight and are easy to detect in a lousy repair, you can see runoff, orange peel effect, detachment, lack of brightness or in case of change of hue to the original.

General Verification Of The Unit. Finally, it is necessary to thoroughly review the vehicle to ensure that no damage is generated within the workshop.